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The Lakes Region Big Band is available for hire!

For everything from Formal Gala events to small private parties, we provide an unforgettable experience!


Hosting a Gala Event?

We can provide subtle music for dinner, and appropriate music for dancing.   Our sophisticated presentation will be the perfect way to take your event to the next level!


Do you dance?

We have a wide selection of music for Ballroom and Swing Dancing, and are experienced in providing for the needs of social dancers while offering the added excitement of live music for dancing. Ask us about our Dance Host service for your event as well!

We also have a selection of popular music in our repertoire for freestyle dancing, with plenty of energy and familiar melodies.

Are you getting married?

We LOVE Weddings!  We can provide for all of your entertainment needs.

We offer cocktail music with a small combo, soft jazz during dinner, the perfect background, energetic and fun music for dancing - suitable for all ages and styles.  We can provide an experienced MC to guide your guests through the reception without becoming the center of attention, because, of course, that is YOU!  We offer recorded music for band breaks and can even DJ for a session of pop music dancing.  We have also developed our Dance Host Service as a special offering to add even more memories to your special day.  Have you ever watched people dance to big band music and wished you could have done that as well?  We partner with a ballroom and swing dance school and bring them with us to offer instruction and dance hosting in a fun, comfortable and accessible manner, bringing these styles of social dancing to you and your guests.  When not instructing, they become dance hosts, dancing with the guests who need partners or would like to practice.  This is something that you and your guests will treasure in your memories.

What about smaller events?

The Lakes Region Big Band is a 20 piece full big band, and as much as we can power out some serious sound, we can also provide subtle performances with great finesse in smaller situations.  We tailor our set list to each event, so if you are looking for background music for a dinner or wine tasting, or are having a party in a smaller venue, our music will fit your event and venue perfectly.  Our Dance Host service is available for any size event!

For more information about booking Lakes Region Big Band, please contact:

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